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“PhD Course – Physics of Granular Suspensions with Applications to Geophysical Flows”

offerto gratuitamente dal Dep. of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Genoa

nel periodo 1-5 July 2024

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Registration deadline: 31 May 2024

Course description

The course is conceived to provide PhD students with fundamental knowledge on the mechanics of granular suspensions as well as on the mathematical and numerical techniques that can be adopted to investigate geophysical flows. To this end, three formidably complex problems (sediment transport, flow-like landslide inception and gravity currents) are considered. A brief excursus into the physics of Brownian suspensions completes the course. The students will find a thorough combination of elements of fluid and solid mechanics, rheology, geotechnics, geomorphology, civil, chemical and coastal engineering. First, the dynamics of granular suspension is introduced from the mathematical viewpoint, focusing on issues that characterise geophysical flows such as turbulence, the effects of inter-particle contacts and strong velocity gradients. Then, different models that were successfully used to investigate the mechanics of granular suspension in environmental flows are presented.

Lecturer Marco Mazzuoli (

Guest Lecturer Dalila Vescovi (Polytechnic University of Milan)


  •     Two-phase flow models
  •     Turbulence-particle interactions
  •     Rheology of granular suspensions
  •     Flow driven suspensions (e.g. sediment transport)
  •     Gravity driven suspensions (e.g. turbidity currents and debris flows)


The course consists of frontal lectures (22 hours). Then, students are invited to prepare the brief presentation of a problem either dealing with their own research activity or taken from the literature, which involves granular suspensions. A “Workshop” completes the course where the presentations are individually given by the students.

Registration deadline 31 May 2024



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Suggested book

Mazzuoli & Lacaze, “ Physics of Granular Suspensions” Springer, May 2024


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Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA), Via Montallegro 1, 16145 Genoa (GMaps)

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