A call for an exciting 1-year Research Fellowship is open on “Hydrodynamic modelling in peri-alpine lakes supporting the reconstruction of surface currents by means of satellite SAR data“:


Details are provided below, but interested candidates are invited to contact Marco Toffolon (marco.toffolon@unitn.it).

The work will be developed within the active framework of the Physical Limnology Laboratory (PhyLL, https://sites.google.com/unitn.it/phyll) of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Trento, Italy.

Deadline: 22 May 2024, 12.00 noon (CET).

The selection is open also to MSc graduates without a PhD.


The research is framed in the project “SpatiAlly Resolved veLocity and wAves from SAR images in laKES (SARLAKES)”, developed by CNR-IREA, University of Trento, and University of Brescia.

The aims of the research are:
– development of a modelling chain that retrieves the meteorological forcing from an existing atmospheric model (WRF or Cosmo) and applies it as boundary conditions for the lake’s thermo-hydrodynamic model Delft3D;
– calibration of the Delft3D model using the available data and the measurements collected during the project;
– setup of the wave model SWAN one-way coupled with Delft3D;
– setup of a procedure for estimating wind, wind waves, and surface currents, from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data starting from the available Geophysical Model Functions (GMFs).
The main case study is Lake Garda (Italy), but the model will also be applied to Lake Geneva (Switzerland, France) in collaboration with a research group in Switzerland.

Gross amount: 23’190 €/year

Duration: 12 months, approximately from July 1st 2024

Venue: Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (https://www.dicam.unitn.it/en), Trento, Italy

Research group: Physical Limnology Laboratory (PhyLL), head: prof. Marco Toffolon (https://sites.google.com/unitn.it/marcotoffolon/)


The following qualifications are mandatory:
a) Master’s degree in Civil-Environmental Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, or similar disciplines, awarded by an Italian university or a title obtained abroad which has been recognized as equivalent to the Italian degree by the assessing Commission only for the admission to the selection;
b) non-EU citizens (or citizens residing in countries with special treaties with EU) are required to hold certificate of Self-Employed Work Residence Permit valid for the entire duration of the fellowship. If the Residence Permit is not presented at time of contract stipulation, all rights to the fellowship in question will be forfeited;
c) a professional, scientific CV relevant to the research program;
d) capability to use numerical models for hydrodynamic simulations;
e) excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of the English language (professional level).

Preferred qualifications:

a) Knowledge of physical limnology;
b) knowledge of models for surface waves produced by wind action;
c) experience in the use of numerical models for hydrodynamic simulations in lakes;
d) experience in the analysis of environmental data;
e) experience in the use of satellite data for the study of surface waters.