Lecturers:  Annunziato Siviglia (UniTN), David F. Vetsch (ETH Zurich), Walter Bertoldi (UniTN),
Place: Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento, Italy (On-site)
Dates: June 24-28 2024 
Website: https://www.unitn.it/dricam/985/integrated-river-morphodynamics
Course fee: none;
Duration: 32 hours (4 credits)

The course is suitable for graduate students with a background in fluid mechanics, civil and environmental engineering, physical geography, environmental and physical sciences, including young scientists and professionals with an interest in increasing their knowledge.

Summary: The course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of river eco-morphodynamics by integrating various approaches and examining their interactions with flow, sediment transport, and riparian vegetation.
The course covers the basics of theoretical river morphodynamics and introduces participants to the use of BASEMENT for morphodynamic simulations in gravel bed rivers in one and two dimensions, and provides a step-by-step development of a numerical simulation with BASEMENT of the development of river bars in a straight channel.
Further information can be found in the  dedicated web page:

For further questions, please contact:
Annunziato Siviglia at annunziato.siviglia@unitn.it