Phd courses  – Genova

Within the PhD program in Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering hosted by the DICCA – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica e Ambientale at the University of Genova, Professors Giovanna Vittori, Nicoletta Tambroni, Marco Lepidi, Giuseppe Piccardo and Jan Pralits offer the courses:

  • Perturbation Methods I (PMI),
  • Perturbation Methods II (PMII) and
  • Hydrodynamic Stability (HS)


The courses are scheduled every two years, free of charge and open to interested PhD students from other Departments and/or Universities. The courses will be held in the week 12th-16th February 2024 and time-scheduled in series. Interested students may contact Nicoletta Tambroni ( for PMI,  Marco Lepidi ( or Giuseppe Piccardo ( for PMII, and to Jan Pralits ( for HS.