Computational modelling of Complex Flows with evolving interfaces

ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute 2023 International Conference
Palermo, 27 – 30 Agosto 2023

Complex flows with evolving interfaces occur in several natural processes and engineering
applications, such as combustion, microfluidic coating, food processing and many others.
Such flows expose a plethora of strikingly complex and still unexplored behaviours occurring across many spatial and temporal scales.
A full understanding of the unique fluid dynamics features involved in such phenomena becomes pivotal to optimize industrial processes and to understand natural and environmentally‐relevant phenomena based on the physics of fluids interfaces.
Computational methods represent a viable and efficient way to tackle the above challenges by allowing to investigate the physics of complex fluid interfaces across spatial and temporal scales. Indeed, owing to the development of novel and efficient numerical algorithms and to recent advancements in the field of HPC, state‐of‐the‐art numerical models are increasingly playing a pivotal role for the investigation of fluid phenomena across scales of motions.
The minisymposium is aimed at stimulating the discussion on the state of the art of computational methods for complex flows with evolving interfaces and at providing an insight into their ability in reproducing the physical complexity of such flows.

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