Corso di Eccellenza: “Short Course in River Morphodynamics”
Prof. Gary Parker 
Politecnico di Torino, 16/11/2022 – 18/11/2022

1) Introduction to River Morphodynamics;

2) Bankfull Geometry of Alluvial Rivers;

3) Formation of Large Tributary Blocked Valley Lakes on Large Rivers;

4) The role of the Flow Duration Curve in Setting Bankfull Geometry;

5) Bar Push and Bank Pull in Width-Curvature Relationship in Meandering Rivers;

6) Special Topics (with Gergely Torok Wing Dams in Rivers);

7) Long Runout Turbidity Currents;

8) The Persistence of Dendricity in Mountain Drainage Networks;

9) The Continental Shelf as a Huge Bedform.

Relatori ad invito: Gary Parker (University of Illinois), Gergely Török (Budapest University of Technology)

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